Divers uncover historical treasure trove in waters off Sai Kung

24 Aug

Treasure trove of classic cars at the bottom of the sea from the SS Thistlegorm

24 Aug

Maritime at Greenwich

Recent photo’s have been released from the wreck of SS Thistlegorm.

motor bike wreck

She set sail on her fourth and final voyage from Glasgow on 2 June 1941, destined for Alexandria, Egypt. The vessel’s cargo included: Bedford trucks, Universal Carrier armoured vehicles, Norton 16H and BSA Motorcyles, Bren guns, cases of ammunition, and 0.303 rifles as well as radio equipment, Wellington Boots, aircraft parts, and two LMS Stainer Class8F Steam locomotives.These steam locomotives and their associated coal and water tenders were carried as deck cargo and were for the Egyptian Railways. The rest of the cargo was for the Allied forces in Egypt. At the time the Thistlegorm sailed from Glasgow in June, this was the Western Desert Force, which in September 1941 became part of the newly formed Eight Army. The crew of the ship, under Captain William Ellis, were supplemented by 9 naval personnel to man the machine gun and the anti-aircraft gun.

shipwrecked truck

Due to…

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Report: Ship Found Underneath Ground Zero Probably Built In Philadelphia

24 Aug

Philly ship found in NYC.

Confidence in the Storm – His Time Radio Homily

24 Aug

good one.

Masks of God

Confidence in the Storm

Acts 27:27-44

His Time Radio Homily

August 4, 2014

 quote-Mark-Twain-to-succeed-in-life-you-need-two-100473Author Mark Twain once quipped: “To succeed in this life you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”  Anyone who has witnessed a toddler fearlessly leaping into a swimming pool with no clue as to what will happen if there is no one there to catch them understands where Twain is coming from.  There is a certain confidence that one might have when he or she is clueless about the consequences.  But this confidence pales in comparison to the confidence that fills your soul when you are absolutely certain of the outcome.  Scary movies are not as scary the second time around when you already know how they end.

Such is the confidence that Paul had in the midst of a terrible storm at sea.  The waves crashed against the boat.  The rain fell so violently that…

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R is for Revenge

24 Aug

John Manders' Blog

Queen Anne’s Revenge, that is. Queen Anne’s Revenge is the name of Blackbeard Teach’s flagship—though I have to admit I don’t know why he chose that name. Queen Anne ruled Great Britain & Ireland while Blackbeard was alive, so maybe he considered himself to be a privateer on behalf of the Crown? Was he not happy with the War of the Spanish Succession? I’d like it if, in the comments, someone could offer a better reason behind Teach’s name for his ship. Writers Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift & pirate aficionado Daniel Defoe flourished under Queen Anne, so maybe her reign really was culture’s balmiest day—but why did she need to be avenged?

Anyway, he only captained Queen Anne’s Revenge for 3 years before she sunk off North Carolina. And so I had the wonderful opportunity to paint a sunken pirate ship for Eve Bunting’s new book, P is for…

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Vintage Circus and Tattoos

24 Aug

early tats.

Elsa Holland

Early tattooed – ‘painted’ – women were publicly seen in the Circus

The circus as we know it started in the later part of the 18th century, in 1768, but one of the earliest tattooed women was shown in 1907 she is in the gallery below. The name tatau is actually form the Tahitian language and was a result of James Cook’s expeditions there.  Tattooing became very popular in the early 19th century. Initially it was mainly sailors and the criminal class but by the later half of the 19th century it was also popular in the aristocratic and upper classes in Britain and across most of Europe.

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Jacksonian Misconceptions

24 Aug

Old Hickory ephemera.

Ephemera – Dallas Morning News 11/23/63

24 Aug


Cleaning out a garage can be a treasure hunt. I came across a copy of the 11/23/63 Dallas Morning News which was all about Kennedy. It might suprisee you that it wasn’t the items about that fateful day that interested me, it was the details of everyday life that caught my eye.

In the entertainment section was a list of all the drive-ins. They were everywhere. I even grew up next door to the HI Vue which was on S Beckley in those days, now I35.

There must have been 15 ads for television sets as we were at the tail end of TV’s golden age and everyone was glued to the set every night. Car prices were also a hoot.

The civil rights act was in the future and in ’63 you could specify that a “colored” person was wanted for a job and there was a separate section…

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A bookplate with an interesting history…..

24 Aug

bookplate and ephemera.

Camberley Historian

Ephemera 1 6

After a bit of digging on Ancestry, I discovered that this bookplate was in the name of Edward Temple L Gurdon, born 1896, died in Suffolk, after a distinguished military career (ending as a Major General) in 1959.

It shows no sign of being soaked off a book – so how did it end up on eBay?

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24 Aug

learn ephemera here..

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